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Bass(22) Metal(11)

Right Through A European hard core music web magazine. Get live pictures and tour dates of featured bands. Includes sound files, editorial reviews, and more.
Rock Is Dead An online publication keeping up to date on happenings in the music world. Read exclusive interviews, view pictures, and check out the latest articles.
POPULAR Rock Out Censorship A grass roots anti-censorship organization seeking to counteract efforts to deprive us of our rights. Read the latest issue, sign the petition, and become a member.
RockandRollCasino.com An online magazine covering the music scene in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other gambling towns. Find out who will be appearing and read reviews.
Rockazine.com A Real Audio rock entertainment web site. List to sound clips of alternative rock and underground bands. Read artist reviews and editorial music articles.
Rocketfuel Fanzine An online music and culture fanzine which aims provide sober reflection on the drunken arguments which occupy our lives. Preview the current issue online.
Rocketfuel Fanzine An online music and culture fan magazine featuring exclusive interviews and reviews. View pictures, look through archived editions, and more.
Roots World A monthly publication looking into the roots of music. Contains exclusive interviews and pictures. Locate archived issues and read about music from around the world.
Running with Scissors A local magazine featuring news, interviews, and reviews. Covers all aspects of punk rock music. Contains letters, articles, and frequent updates.
S.C.A.B. An electronic magazine covering punk rock music worldwide. Read featured articles and interviews. Includes tour dates, contests, reviews, and more.
Sample Poolz An online German magazine offering the latest music news and info. Includes downloads, reviews, music software, and member areas.
Scandinavian Indie An internet guide to the Scandinavian independent music scene. Find out about current gigs. Includes record label info, discographies, bios, and more.
Shock Value A musical web magazine featuring articles on the artist of the month. Read about previous artists and get your entry into their songwriting contest.
Shredding Paper An online magazine hosting streaming MP3 webcasts 24 hours a day. Get the latest punk and alternative music news. Includes interviews, reviews, and more.
SideSite.net A web magazine with news and information on the alternative rock music scene. Contains press releases, exclusive interviews, and upcoming tour dates.
POPULAR Sound on Sound Publications The online site for this European music recording magazine. Contains subscription and advertising info. Preview the magazine and search back issues.
Speeder Magazine Get the latest news and information on independent musicians and artists. Features pictures, reviews, musical news, show dates, and archives.
Spill Magazine An online musical publication with the latest on today's hottest musical acts. Download recent musical releases, view pictures, and read articles.
SPIN Magazine The online edition of the popular music magazine SPIN. Get special online subscription offers. Includes issue previews, archives, and music news.
Stomp and Stammer An online publication with the latest news and reviews for today's hottest bands. Locate pictures, reviews, band biographies, and archived issues.
Street Fighters Records An online magazine focused on the punk music scene in North Carolina. Read show reviews, band biographies, current tour dates, pictures, and more.
Strings Attached An online radio broadcasting show covering the greats of the music industry. Covers music from blues, country, and more. Subscription services available.
Studio Sound An online edition of the magazine all about sound. Look through product reviews and preview articles from the current issue. Includes back issues and subscription rates.
TapeOp.com The online edition of the magazine geared towared sound engineers. Get the latest news and product reviews. Includes archives and special bonus articles only available online.
POPULAR Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue A web home for Telecaster lovers worldwide. Discuss issues about the Fender Telecaster and other guitars. Includes product release news.
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