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Bass(22) Metal(11)

The Big Takeover The online version of the magazine covering the independent music scene in the US. Read the latest news, artist profiles, and album reviews.
The Celebrity Cafe An electronic magazine that contains an extensive collection of interviews with rock musicians and popular artists. Read provocative celebrity quotes.
The Chronic Masturbator An electronic magazine devoted to the world of hardcore punk music. Contains news, show reviews, concert photos, sex talk, editorials, and more.
The Crooked Mile A fan magazine with news and reviews on anarchy and punk music. Contains exclusive interviews, writings on the feminist movement, and more.
The East Side Mag An online magazine with lots of interviews and pictures of popular and local New York punk bands. Features reviews, concert dates, and more.
The Fly A monthly magazine from the UK covering the dance music scene. Features reviews, club guides, and interviews. Includes a radio guide, Real Audio, and more.
The Growth Zine A fan magazine discussing the current state of music and politics. Issued monthly. Submit your own critiques and read through archived issues.
The Muse's News A free monthly newsletter and magazine for today's songwriters. Find out about current songwriting contests. Features web site reviews, book reviews, and more.
The Online Guitar Magazine A fully featured online monthly guitar and music magazine. Includes gear and music reviews. Learn featured riffs and read musician interviews.
The Pressed Press An online magazine with the latest news on the punk music scene. View the picture gallery and read past issues. Includes MIDI files and editorials.
The Rock Report An online webzine covering the hard rock and progressive rock scene. Contains interactive music and videos. Read reviews, interviews, and more.
The Rockin '50s An online magazine devoted to the music of the '50s and '60s. Features sound files and exclusive archived interviews. Includes pictures and musical history.
The ToneQuest Report A subscription newsletter that brings you the latest info on guitars and the music industry. Sign up for a trial subscription and sample the service.
Thrust A monthly electronic magazine covering the underground music scene in the U.S. Read biographies, current news, and exclusive interviews.
Tom Petty Online Magazine An online magazine dedicated to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Get the latest Petty lyrics, news, and pics. Contains Tom Petty quotes, fan info, and more.
Too Punk For You A web magazine covering the punk music scene. Includes album reviews, show reviews, and articles. Features band tablature, graphics, and more.
Turk's Head Review An online publication with a collection of music and book reviews. Includes featured artist news. Look through the archives of previous postings.
Twenty Pounds of Headlines An archive of magazine articles and interviews featuring Bob Dylan listed chronologically. Listen to selected interviews in Real Audio.
UglyInternet.com A web magazine with the latest news and reviews of the punk music world. View the archives and read artist biographies. Includes fan chat, pictues, and more.
UK Punk A source for anything related to punk rock in the United Kingdom. View an archive of band pictures and sound clips. Includes exclusive band interviews and more.
United and Strong A hardcorde electronic punk magazine. Get subscription info and read archived editions. Includes interviews, reviews, news, and show dates.
Vintage Guitar Magazine A magazine dedicated to vintage guitars and other stringed instruments. Find out about upcoming guitar shows in the US and chat with the writers.
Vintage Guitar Online The online edition of this magazine on vintage guitars and equipment. Sign up to receive a free issue by mail and read selected articles online.
Virtual Guitar Magazine Interviews, online lessons, product profiles, searchable archives, gear tips and more. Master search to find what you need in the archives.
Well Rounded Entertainment Provides reviews of the latest CD's and one-on-one interviews with popular artists. Look through archived issues and read current issues.
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