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Bass(22) Metal(11)

POPULAR Chicago Medley A magazine with the latest news on the music, arts, and entertainment industry. Includes exclusive interviews, reviews, sound files, and more.
POPULAR Christian Musician An online magazine devoted to christian musicians worldwide. Features interviews, tabs, artist profiles, and more. Look through archived issues.
POPULAR Chumps on Parade The online edition of this monthly magazine about punk music. Features archived issues, artwork, upcoming concerts, interviews, reviews, and more.
POPULAR Classic Rock Revisited An online magazine looking back at the music that is classic rock. Features biographies, reviews, rumors, news, MIDI files, pictures, and more.
POPULAR Classical Guitar History Contains a fully illustrated history of the classical guitar. Look at images of guitars through the ages and listen to classical guitar MIDI selections.
POPULAR Classical Guitar Magazine Includes feature interviews, international news, coverage of worldwide events, articles on guitar history, musical analysis, and technique. There is also a list of teachers and societies.
POPULAR CMJ Music A source for music industry news, release dates, and upcoming events. Download the latest MP3's and listen to Real Audio. Includes interviews with featured artists.
POPULAR Common People Zine A magazine featuring news and reviews of the local music scene. Meet the authors and read current news. Includes pictures, reviews, interviews, and more.
POPULAR Cool Beans A musical publication with featured articles and a bonus musical CD. Preview upcoming issues and look through the archives. Includes subscription rates and info.
POPULAR Cops Eat Donuts The official homepage of the leading punk magazine in the UK. Check out a free article from the current issue. Features photos, animation, and more.
POPULAR Corporate Deth Burger The online edition of the punk magazine created by fans for fans. View cover art and animation. Includes reviews, interviews, archived issues, and more.
POPULAR Crack Monkey An electronic magazine with rants, news, and reviews on the punk music scene worldwide. Features animation, band interviews, and more.
POPULAR Crank Magazine The official web site of the alternative and hardcore music magazine. View articles and pictures from previous issues. Get subscription information online.
POPULAR Dead by Dawn Online An online magazine covering punk band Dead by Dawn and other femme fatales. Read concert reviews, get photos, and read current journal entries.
POPULAR Desperate Measures A punk e-zine with an activist standpoint. Lots of band info including the Messyhairs, the Overdrives, and more. Interviews, articles, and local scene info.
POPULAR Diet Society The online edition of the fan magazine all about punk music today. Contains heavy doses of sarcasm and foul language. Look through the archives and get current news and reviews.
POPULAR Dirty Linen Magazine A special magazine devoted to folk and world music. Read special features of the current issue. Includes exclusive interviews, music reviews, and more.
POPULAR Disjointed Thoughts, Paranoia? An online magazine covering the punk music scene. Read reviews and interviews with current punk stars. Includes chat rooms, columns, and more.
POPULAR Dot Music An online magazine covering current news in the recording industry. Get the latest Real Video and Audio. Contains weekly interviews and current chart toppers.
POPULAR Drum and Bugle Zine An online magazine dedicated to bringing you the latest drum corps information. Contains equipment reviews, words from the street, and archives.
POPULAR Ear Pollution An online magazine with the latest news on the music industry. Features album and concert reviews. Subscribe to review back issues and get frequent updates.
POPULAR Eight Ball An online punk magazine in Spanish and English versions. Find out about upcoming gigs and concerts. Features band interviews, reviews, links, and more.
POPULAR Electronic Musician An electronic magazine with the latest news on the music and sound effects industry. Browse the archives and download samples of your favorite music.
POPULAR Electronic Sonic Press An online magazine featuring interviews and in depth articles covering most styles of popular music. Download free MP3's and participate in discussions.
POPULAR Electronic Sonic Press A monthly publication with reviews and interviews of popular musicians. Read articles from the current issue, view past archives, and more.
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