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POPULAR Edge of Time A progressive metal guitar magazine. Contains interviews with members of popular metal bands. Read reviews of metal bands and listen to sound clips.
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HapdKmDTTWhzjJ Thanks man but I am done making guaitr lessons. Drop tuning is not much different than regular tuning, except that one of the strings is lower, so some of your chord shapes will be different by two frets.
POPULAR Necrozine An e-zine featuring death, black, doom and power metal reviews, interviews, and more. Includes updates on the metal industry and links to sound files. Join the mailing list.
POPULAR Project Nod Zine An online magazine with up to date information on the heavy metal music world. Get the latest news and tour dates for current bands. Read articles and writer's reviews.
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POPULAR ShockOnline.net ShockOnline.net Rock & Metal Webzine :: Reviews, Interviews, Photos and all the info on the lastest bands around.
POPULAR Stranzine A fan magazine devoted to the British metal band Stranglehold. Read in depth concert reviews and interviews. Includes pictures and more.

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