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The Guitar School Features free pages of sheet music for classical guitar in Adobe Acrobat format. Search through a variety of guitar methods and lessons.
The Guitar.Net Features a riff of the month and information on how to get private lessons. View the page of selected listening. Contains playing patterns of the E minor pentatonic scale.
The Innovative Guitarist Explores playing the guitar in two separate phases. The first phase teaches open strings with the use of riffs, chords, and intervals. The second phase teaches a guitarist to develop his/her own style.
The Libster An educational resource for bass players. Features a collection of lessons and transcriptions. Chat with other bass players, learn solo riffs, and more.
The Muse's Muse A resource with instructions on songwriting. Post your own lesson or search throught what is available. Features instructions for beginners and audio utilities.
The Net Music School An online music school with a curriculum of music lessons devoted to teaching beginners. Click the images to see a sample of the animated lessons. Flash required to view the site.
The Serious Guitarist Contains links to sections of the creator's book on guitar. Learn introductory scales, arpeggios, and concepts. Order the book or just get a brief overview for free.
The Sterner Chordkey Teaches the principles and fundamentals behind building chords on any instrument. Learn how to discover chords and then pick up your instrument and play along.
The Total Classical Guitar Method An online lesson program for beginning guitarists, and for guitarists who already play another style but want to learn how to play classical guitar. Learn the acoustics of music and link to other classical guitar sites.
The Ultimate On Line Guitar Tutor A tutorial that teaches the importance of actually playing the guitar and practicing as opposed to learning theory. Listen to sound files, go to the glossary for terms you don't understand, and view the chord archive.
The-Ultimate.com Features free daily courses and 10 chapters of in-depth lessons. Start out with fret names and progress all the way to exotic scales. Order selected books online and link to guitar instruction sites.
Tips, Tricks, & Licks Free guitar instruction utilizing animated chord charts, Real Audio files, and notation. Information available on several styles of playing. Do a vintage guitar search and get the tip of the month.
Todd's Beginning Guitar Starts with the basics of playing the guitar and advances to the foundations of music theory. Begin with tuning the guitar and the importance of numbers in the learning process.
Tony's Improvisation Page Discover the importance of augmented chords in adding to improvisational skills. Features an example voicing that can be translated into different keys.
Total Guitar Free online lessons, music and more. Learn how to shred! lessons feature audio examples and high quality tabs.
Total Guitarist Free guitar lessons covering strumming, fingerstyle, reading tablature and standard notation, alternate picking, and many other topics.
TrueFire.com A resource for music and guitar instruction and lessons. Get the latest news on the music industry. Includes customized lessons with tablature and audio files.
Tutorials and Scales Provides free online guitar tutorials for guitar players worldwide. Choose from a variety of downloadable media formats and free instructional software.
Ultimate On Line Guitar Tutor A series of lessons and excercises for the beginning guitarist. Features free sound files that go along with the lessons. Use the chords page to look up any chords you don't remember.
VH Guitar Lessons A catalog of lessons for the modern rock guitar player. Everything from soloing techniques to tips and tricks. Learn chords and get news items.
Video Guitar Lessons Free video lessons. Beginner to intermediate. Rock, blues and metal. Updated weekly.
Vision Music Guitar Lessons Offers instruction for evolving guitarists and bassists. Take the "Eye Test" and see how good you really are. Get lessons online or by mail.
Voodoo Guitar Craft Blues - Rock - Improv - Theory - Slide Northern NJ Area
Waldo Pepper's Guitar FAQ Answers frequent questions of the beginning guitarist. Also features links to recommended sites to use when learning to play the guitar.
Wayde Cooper's Guitar Lessons Focuses on licks and arpeggios and their different formations. Most of the patterns are formed from the diatonic scale.
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