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POPULAR Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop Contains a collection of video lessons, audio lessons, and guitar instruction books. Receive special online offers and preview a few of the lessons.
POPULAR Steve Ono Offers guitar instruction books for beginning to advanced guitar players. Listen to Steve's recordings and read reviews of his books.
POPULAR Stropes Editions Ltd. Publishes books that document some of the most significant repertoire for fingerstyle guitar players. Also offers videos and computer programs that expand on the techniques. Get tech support and info on new additions.
POPULAR tabwayguitar Learn six-string bar chords quickly and easily. Great companion and reference guide for all songs written in guitar tablature. The most complete six-string chord guide available with step-by-step lessons and thorough information on how to hold your fretting hand when playing six-string bar chords. After learning your six-tring chords you can easily play virtually any other tyoe of bar chord. Sample chord progressions and chord charts soon to be availabe on the site. Over 30 guides just recently sold!
POPULAR Texas Music and Video Offers videos on acoustic guitar. Videos cover cover methodologies used in jazz, blues, pop, country, and rock music. Sample the lessons online.
POPULAR The Creator's Handbook for Guitar Features hundreds of charts, examples, and illustrations that teach you to create your own music and understand the works of others. View the Table of Contents and Introduction online. Link to recommended sites.
POPULAR The Expressive Guitarist A book aimed at developing your own style of guitar playing and understanding how to achieve your guitar goals. Learn more about the author and get some sample lessons.
POPULAR The Jazz Guitar Page Book that features 28 essential scales for improvisation along with chord and arpeggio fingerings, theory, practice suggestions, and more. Link to other informative jazz sites.
POPULAR The Nashville Guitar Pattern Books designed to teach scale patterns on guitars and other instruments. Start anywhere on the neck and learn modal scales. Read what others have to say about the book.
POPULAR The Only Complete Guitar Chord Method Learn to create your own chords within the first hour. Read what other magazines have to say and download a demo file. Online ordering available.
POPULAR The Ultimate Guitar Workout Contains hundreds of revolutionary exercises guaranteed to improve your playing. Sample the lessons for free on the Web page. Recommended for any style of guitar playing.
POPULAR The Unbound Guitar Booklet A guitar instruction book available online. Learn the basics behind playing the guitar with easy pullout pages. Online support available.
POPULAR Tuned to Fourths A book that teaches playing music on a guitar tuned to all fourths. Included is a table of contents and a bit of the introduction to the work book. Download a free Javascript scale calculator in all fourths.
POPULAR Uncle Tim's Instructional Books Books that apply the concept of elegant reasoning to studying music. Read comments and quick guides on the books. Order the book online and follow links to recommended sites.
POPULAR Video Guitar Videos that teach the essentials behind country, rock, blues, and jazz guitar. Learn more about the company, get a free note finder, and more.
POPULAR Video Progressions An online catalog of videos teaching guitar theory. Includes samples of printed transcriptions that accompany the videos and complete in-depth reviews as they were originally published.
POPULAR Video School of Guitar Find three videos dedicated to teaching the serious guitar player. Get more information and read reviews of the videos. Listen to blues, jazz, and country riffs as played by the instructor.
POPULAR World's Easiest Guitar Course A beginner's video guide to playing the guitar with no music theory. Learn 8 easy chords with an on-screen guide and tape to follow. Includes 9 songs by famous artists.
POPULAR You Can Play Guitar Guitar Lesson Tab Books and Videos by Billboard Magazine Top Rated Instructor Scott Morris.Free Guitar Lesson Newsletter/Offers, lots of cool links, private lessons also available.
Your Private Guitar Teacher Detailed, easy to understand guitar instruction book for beginners and those who have played a while. No corny camp songs or boring exercises. A year’s worth of guitar lessons at your fingertips.
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