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POPULAR Extel Music Instruction Distributes a collection of videos for beginning, intermediate, and advanced musicians. Choose from videos on guitar, bass, drums, and more.
POPULAR Fastfingers Tapes 100 guitar tuition courses covering lead guitar, rhythm guitar, blues, and rock. All guitar styles are covered on video and compact disc. Read complimentary letters and learn more about the product.
POPULAR First Stage Guitar Book Book that teaches beginners to play the most commonly played guitar chords. Features spiral binding so the book remains flat while practicing. Discounted prices and sample information online.
POPULAR Fred Sokolow Music Publishes a variety of instructional books, cassettes, and videos. Choose books from a variety of styles on banjo and guitar.
POPULAR Fredrick Noad Classical Guitar Maker of books and videos that teach the classical guitar and lute player. Contains creator's biography and sample scenes from the videos. Includes outline of videos and books.
POPULAR Fretboard Theory A Chordal Approach A book that covers music theory and it's application to the guitar in a way that is logical and easy to understand. Learn more about the book and order online.
POPULAR GB Studios Publishes a collection of guitar instruction tuition tapes. Web site contains MIDI, software reviews, an online catalog, industry news, and more.
POPULAR Glenn Weiser's Celtic Fingerstyle Four separate books teaching all levels of celtic fingerstyle guitar. Get free celtic guitar arrangements, reviews of the book, and order the books online.
Guitar Burning Speed - Shred Guitar | Fast Guitar Guitar Speed Secrets - 2 week guitar course to rapidly increase guitar speed and agility
POPULAR Guitar Careers & Businesses An information resource on how to find a career in the music industry. Follow the four steps to become a successful guitar player and explore the site.
POPULAR Guitar College Develops books based on home study guitar instruction courses in blues, jazz, country, fingerstyle, and rhythm guitar. Focused on intermediate to advanced students. Get monthly specials and find out more about the instructor.
POPULAR Guitar Complete A book that teaches guitar techniques, tips, theories, and secrets for the modern guitarist. Read about the different sections and get online ordering info.
POPULAR Guitar Empire Instruction books and CDs of mostly heavy metal and rock styles. Learn shredding, strumming, and British styles. Click on the pictures to get more info.
POPULAR Guitar EncycloMedia Book teaching a holistic approach to all chords, scales, arpeggios, and their application. Get free lessons online. Also sample flashcards and other related materials.
POPULAR Guitar Gallery Music Distributes a collection of books and videos on guitar history, songwriting, and music theory. Read reviews of the videos and download a full catalog.
POPULAR Guitar Master Class Publications Publishes a comprehensive guide to jazz/blues comping styles. The book and CD details straight-four rhythm approaches, bebop ensemble comping, and walking bass lines with chords, all in tab as well as standard notation. Sample pages from the book.
POPULAR Guitar Playing for Songwriters A video from a songrwiter who taught himself to play guitar. Read reviews and testimonials. Sample live feeds of the video from Real Player.
POPULAR Guitar Riff Video (Beatles,R.Stones..) Sixties Riff Guitar in Video Format with Chords Folder.
Guitar-mental.com A Place of Refuge for the Guitar Obsessed - reviews of books, films, movies, DVDs plus articles to help those playing and learning the guitar.
POPULAR GuitarBooks.com Online guitar book and video store with reviews and links. Find everything from beginning acoustic books to jazz and funk. Check out the featured books and join the mailing list.
POPULAR Guru Books Publishes tiny little music books that you can fit in your guitar case for easy reference. Choose from the rhythm guru, scales guru, and more.
POPULAR Hal Leonard A resource for information on Hal Leonard sheet music, music books, software, and videos. Find out what's new and search through the various products. Learn more about the company and link to partner sites.
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POPULAR Heavy Guitar Bible A hand illustrated manual for those who want to truly understand the dimensional world of today's heavy metal guitarist. Research the tape specially designed to be used with the book.
POPULAR Highly Strung An online source for guitar strings, accessories, guitar books, and videos. A web site for guitar, banjo, mandolin, and other fretted instrument players.
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