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FingerStyle(15) Harmonics(11)

KBcmxeQQthuIagGDu your awesome dude- trleuy awesome! i mean we need more people like you! its sad that everyone else does this stuff for advertising and selfish gain, but your inspirational-no formal musical training thats the way i chose to go too and its really cool to see someone else who learnt like i do play the guitar so well!thanks
POPULAR Kevin Ferguson's Approach to Guitar Teaches recognition of intervals and listening to music performed by the best performers possible as a reference. Learn vibratos, scales, improvisation and more.
POPULAR LeftyGuitar.com A resource and instructional area for all left-handed guitar players. Trace the roots of the lefty guitar players and read news items on current ones.
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POPULAR Playing-the-guitar.net Guitar articles for beginners and intermediates
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POPULAR Seawing Guitar Technique Instructional lessons to help you master the jazz and funk chord progressions and improvisations. Features jazz MP3's, screen saver, and more.
POPULAR Shimmyo's Guitar Tips Teaches beginners everything from how to hold the pick to strumming the guitar. Learn harmonics and get tips on how to exercise your fingers efficiently.
POPULAR Show off with your guitar Scare your momma, your dog, and your girlfriend, with those licks.
POPULAR Slide Guitar Lesson Lesson in dropped D tuning slide guitar. Contains tablature and links to other guitar lessons. Hear the highest note ever recorded on slide guitar.
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POPULAR The Left-Hand Guitarist Information from and for all left handed guitar players. Includes biographies of famous lefty players. Locate manufacturers and get playing tips.
POPULAR Ultimate Guitar Page Contains many lessons on a variety of topics to choose from. Choose from hammer-ons, pull-offs, rhythm, soloing, and more. Play the riff of the week.
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POPULAR www.luismoreno.com Portuguese solo artist. Here you will find sounds, lessons, videos, tabs in power tab format and more information about my music and me.
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