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POPULAR Sidechain A local band performing power ballads and slow-moving Grunge/Metal numbers. Read critical reviews of their songs and sample a variety of audio clips.
POPULAR Sky Fits Heaven A Madonna fan site with the latest tour and album news. Features reviews, discography, Madonna contests, and more. Includes Madonna fan chat.
Space Divas A fan site devoted to the music of Luscious Jackson. Contains a collection of pictures, biography, discography, lyrics, video and audio clips, and more.
Spice Planet A fan site devoted to the Spice Girls. Available in English and Portugese. Features tour dates, pictures, lyrics, biography, news, and more.
Spice Universe Contains all the Spice Girls information a fan could want and more. Contains message boards, lyrics, pictures, biography, discography, tour dates, and more.
POPULAR SpiceGirls.com An unofficial Spice Girls site with information and news about the girls. Features pictures, discography, biography, tour dates, and more.
Stretford The official web site of pop band Stretford. Learn more about this Texan band and download sound files. Includes gig info, discography, pictures, and more.
Summer Fever A web site for all fans of pop star Donna Summer. Contains a full discography assorted by release date. Includes biography, pictures, lyrics, news, and more.
Superheroes The official web site of the Danish pop band the Superheroes. Look through the band's tour diary. Includes tour dates, pictures, biography, and more.
Sweet Kisses A site for all fans of Jessica Simpson. Includes sound clips, lyrics, and pictures. Features biography, news, appearance info, interviews, and more.
Switchblade Symphony An archive of information on the band Switchblade Symphony. Get the latest official band news and tour dates. Includes biography, pics, and lyrics.
Tarcy Su The official web site of Chinese pop star Tarcy Su. Includes artist profile and multimedia. Features pictures, lyrics, biography, and more.
Temple of the Go-Go's A shrine dedicated to Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go's. Includes Go-Go facts and a section for each member. Find out when they will be coming to your town.
Texas In Demand A rock band operating as a tribute to the state of Texas. Get concert information and upcoming single releases. Contains discography, biography, and pics.
The Artist on Guitar Learn all about the different guitars and equipment used by Prince in concert and on recordings. Includes tabs, lyrics, and pictures of the gear.
The Girlie Page A fan site devoted to the music and image of Madonna. Research Madonna's history and biography. Contains pictures, discography, lyrics, and more.
The Go-Go Fan Page A fan page for anyone interested in the Go-Go's. Features current news and concert updates. Includes lyrics, tabs, biography, discography, and more.
The Go-Go's The official web site of the Go-Go's. Get dates and info on the upcoming reunion tour. Includes lyrics, biography, discography, pictures, sound clips, and more.
The Hitchcocks The official homepage of the Ohio based punk band the Hitchcocks. Find out how the band was formed. Includes biography, sound clips, lyrics, pics, and more.
The Lisa Loeb Network A fan site with an exhaustive picture gallery of Lisa Loeb. Includes tabs, lyrics, and chords for all her songs. Get answers to all your Lisa Loeb questions.
The Luscious Jackson Source Read all about the breakup of pop band Luscious Jackson. Includes complete tabs and lyrics. Features multimedia, photo gallery, biography, and more.
The Platters Information Site A fan site all about the doo-wop group the Platters. Includes band history and current appearance info. Features lyrics, discography, pics, and more.
The Rayvens Action Web The very place to get music, movies and cartoons... and of course.. meet the Rayvens.
The Songs of Wham A collection of lyrics and album pictures for the entire discography of Wham. Includes a history of each song, where each was performed the first time, and member biographies.
The Ultronz The official web site of power pop band The Ultronz. Get the latest fan news and band information. Includes biography, pictures, lyrics, and sound clips.
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