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Path: Amplification :Guitar - Add a Site
POPULAR SWR Engineering, Inc. Manufacturers of bass and guitar amps for the serious professional. Find MP3 files from noted users, PDF files of owner's manuals, and a monthly newsletter.
Tantrum Speaker Cabinets Manufactures and distributes speaker cabinets designed for guitar amplifiers. Site features company history, sound samples, product specs, and more.
POPULAR Tech 21 Makers of SansAmp tube amp emulators, the Triple Channel Tri-O.D. Stomp Box, XXL Distortion Pedals, the MIDI Mouse foot controller, and the Trademark 60 combo amp. Check out who has purchased Tech 21 products.
POPULAR THD Electronics Specializes in products for the music industry, mainly tube amplification and products catering to tube amps. Download a catalog and locate a dealer.
POPULAR The Audio Cage Manufactures handcrafted guitar amplifiers for professional musicians. Read reviews of their amps. Look through product pictures and specs.
POPULAR TheTubeStore.com Features vacuum tubes for guitar and home amplifiers. Find specific vacuum types for your needs by manufacturer or product type. Locate tube amp essentials through the search engine.
POPULAR Tony Bruno Custom Amp Offers Bruno Amplifiers, handcrafted custom point to point wired tube guitar amps. Find out why each amp is a dedicated labor of love in the search for sonic excellence. Read testimonials, product specs, and find out more about the creator.
POPULAR TopHat Amps Manufactures and distributes hand built, point-to-point circuit, high performance tube amplifiers. Contains a full listing of products, pricing, and dealer locations.
POPULAR Torres Engineering Online music store for tube amp and guitar parts, materials, kits, information, repairs/service, and knowledge. Click around and find lots of unique items.
POPULAR Truck Amplifiers Specializes in diminishing the interference between the guitar and the pickup. Pick your own color and faceplate online. Read reviews and find out who uses Truck amps.
POPULAR TubeDepot.com Offers audio tubes for guitar and home tube amplifiers, and NOS audio tubes. Features product specs and pricing info.
Tubetec Analogue Electronics UK Custom designed tube amplifiers and studio equipment plus repair/modification and restoration services.
POPULAR UltraSound Amplifiers Makes specialized amps specifically designed for acoustic guitars. See what "The Buzz" is all about and read the rave reviews.
POPULAR ValveTech Amplifiers Creates vintage "boutique" style amplifiers designed for all kinds of versatile guitar players. Locate product specs and complete pricing breakdown.
POPULAR ValveTronix.Net ValveTronix.Net is aimed for all people using Vox® Valvetronix sound modeling amplifiers : -> AD15VT, AD30VT, AD50VT, AD100VT -> AD60VT and AD120 VT -> Tonelab and Tonelab SE Flash technology is used to create, see and print all the presets.
Vanous Amplification Makers of a hand-built hybrid boutique amplifier. Read reviews of the product and manufacturer's specs. Includes company profile and contact info.
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POPULAR VHT Amplifiers Manufactures a line of professional all tube amplifiers. Read press releases and find out who plays VHT amps. Includes product news and dealer info.
VibroWorld Distributes a variety of custom tube guitar amp parts and accessories. Contains amp news and hardware updates. Order online and get product support.
POPULAR Victoria Amps Manufactures and distributes vintage tube amp replicas. Read model descriptions and glance through pictures.
Voltmaster Manufactures a variety of handmade tube amplifiers and accessories. Contains product pictures, ordering information, specs, and dealer locations.
POPULAR Vox Amplification The official web site of Vox Amplification. Find the latest classic guitar amplification, pedals, and accessories. Get product specs and retail pricing.
Walker Amps Offers Jensen Vintage Speakers, vintage exact tweed cabinets, and their own line of custom-built Fender replica amps. Get pricing and custom options.
POPULAR Warwick Makers of electric basses, amps, and accessories. Contains photos, specs, pricing, and technical information.
Webb Amplifiers Makers of a high performance/special design, clean, warm sounding amplifier. Obtain a price list and contact information. Sample the tone and hear for yourself.
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