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Path: Amplification :Guitar - Add a Site
POPULAR Guitartabs.dk Big danish tabsite with lots of tabs to european songs!
POPULAR Guyatone Sound Products Manufactures a variety of effects and amplification products. Learn more about the history of the company, get technical specs, and locate a dealer.
POPULAR Guytron Learn about this manufacterer of tube amps through testimonials and high-grade pictures. Find pricing information and tube layout designs.
POPULAR Hafler Achieve more natural sounding, more colorful music through the Hafler 9505. Read overviews and performance specifications.
POPULAR Halcro Amplifiers Makers of amplifiers with harmonic distortion levels of less than 100 parts per billion. Find out more about the special ZeD technology and product specifications.
POPULAR Harry Joyce Amps Manufactures hand built amplifiers made in England. Get product specs and view the picture gallery. Contains press releases, revies, pricing, and more.
POPULAR Hiwatt Amplification Rugged construction and durability are the hallmarks for these tube guitar amps. Locate a dealer and explore the history behind this 38 year old tradition.
POPULAR Hoffman Amplifiers Manufacturers of hand built tube guitar amps and supplies. Vacuum tubes, transformers, sockets, switches, board kits, knobs, capacitors, resistors, hardware, jacks, and plugs available for online ordering.
POPULAR Holland Amplifiers Manufacturer of custom built vintage tube guitar amplifiers. Get product specs and cabinet options. Contains dealer locations, retail pricing, service, and more.
POPULAR Hughes and Kettner Check out the official home page of this German manufacturer of guitar and bass amplification systems. Order T-shirts and other accessories online.
POPULAR Jamison Amplifiers Manufactures and designs hard wired point to point tube amplifiers. Contains current options, configuration, catalog pictures, and reviews.
POPULAR Jenkins Sound Shop Custom manufactures guitar speaker cabinets and pedalboards. Learn more about this Mississippi based company, get pricing options, and view pictures.
POPULAR Jms Electronic Specializes in guitar amplifiers made by musicians for musicians. Jms captures the sound from the late 50's to early 60's and brings it to you.
POPULAR Johnson Amplification Manufactures a full line of amplifiers, cabinets, and accessories. View product specs and retail pricing info. Includes dealer locations and wholesalers.
POPULAR Juke Amplification Manufactures a boutique vacuum tube amplifier for guitar, harmonica, and other musical instruments. Tour the site for pictures, specs, and more info.
POPULAR K&M Analog Design Home of the Two-Rock, a vacuum tube 2 channel amp completely hand assembled utilizing point-to-point wiring techniques. Check out the specs, read news, or order online.
POPULAR Kangaroo Amp Covers Manufactures an amplifier cover with exterior pockets for the new millennium. Choose from different styles and models. Worldwide shipping available.
POPULAR Kendrick Amplifiers & Guitars Play the Black Gold series of amplifiers in 15, 35, or 50 watt configurations. Customers include Santana and Eric Clapton. Tune in to listen to MP3 samples.
POPULAR KJL Amplifiers Learn the history behind the company and view a list of products. Listen to Real Audio of the KJL tone. Read reviews and get pricing information.
POPULAR Koch Guitar Electronics Manufacturer of all-tube guitar and bass amplifiers. Check out the new Tone-series guitar combos/heads/cabs and their new all-tube bass head.
POPULAR Kustom Makers of mixers, speakers, amplifiers, and more. Find one in all your favorite colors and get technical support. Contains retail pricing and dealer locations.
POPULAR LA Audio A British amplifier and preamplifier manufacturer. Find a complete list of product offerings and local dealers. Includes price quotes and repair info.
POPULAR Lab.Gruppen Makers of power amplifiers that are light, small, and yet extremely powerful. Find out who is using Lab amps and get a list of distributors in your area.
POPULAR Laney Produces tube, solid-state, hardcore, bass, guitar, and P.A. amplifiers. In depth reviews and pictures of every product. Find out what makes the Laney tone different!
POPULAR Line 6 Manufacturers of AX2 212 & Flextone Series digital guitar amplifier systems, POD Direct guitar system, and Amp Farm for ProTools. Find out what makes digital guitar amps unique and take a tone tour.
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