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sl2h Solist

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Posted by Ralph Lozano on 2002-12-01
As well all know the Jackson guitars are lengeds. Especially the Randy Rhoads Model. The Sl2h Solist is no expection. Its USA made so that makes it good. Mine is Transperent Blues. It was a great paint job. The body was Mahogany with Flame Maple Veneer on Transparent Colors. Neck-Through-Body Quartersawn Mahogany. The only probably i had with the neck was it was TOO FLAT!!!. I compared it to a my Gibsons neck and a new Startocaster it was flattest of them all. took some time get use to it but after that i was great. The 24 frets on the board made it extra easy to play the high 22 i never go pass that for some reason. The necks dimsion are 3rd Fret: .790, 12th Fret: .850 My pick up had 1 seymor (a 59 doble hambruck.) You plug those baby into a line 6 amp and bang you got one of the best osudnign gutiar out there. In short These guitars are great only flaw is the flat neck but ethier then that it was worth all 1.5k.

Reliability: 10
Sound: 10
Bang for the Buck: 10
Overall Rating: 10

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