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Les Paul Studio Plus

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Posted by Ledge on 2004-11-28
ive been playing for ah 7 years now, and finallyu scrounged up enough dough to get my 1st les paul, given i got the studio as its a bit smaller in body then teh standard, the sound however is imo eqivocal to that of a reg standard, this thing basically rox, got the 490 pickups, and i will admit is a beut to play. didnt even have to ge the thing adjusted for my taste. One thing however, is that if youve never played a Les Paul before it may take some time to get used to the sound settings and knowing what each knob does. But once you get that down, I promise you wont be dissapointed.

Reliability: 10
Sound: 9
Bang for the Buck: 9
Overall Rating: 9

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