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FX 69 Grunge

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Posted by James on 2001-05-30
This pedal is an alright pedal. Dont buy it to use for just normal distortion. Its not that versatile. Even with lower "Grunge" settings it takes all the tone out of your sound. With highs all the way up and lows all the way down you can get a cool "nasal" sound from it. My advice for a starting guitarist who wants a distortion pedal, buy a Rock-Tec for like 20 bucks, save yourself pain, misery, and anguish.

Reliability: 9
Sound: 5
Bang for the Buck: 5
Overall Rating: 6

Posted by jim on 2001-02-12
this thing kicks ass. ive had it for about a year and i use it all the time. it sounds best on crate amps. great piece of equipment....

Reliability: 10
Sound: 9
Bang for the Buck: 10
Overall Rating: 10

Posted by george on 2001-01-25

Reliability: 5
Sound: 5
Bang for the Buck: 5
Overall Rating: 5

Posted by chris on 2000-08-07
Anybody who has tried this pedal will agree with me in saying this is one of the heaviest sounds available. Like something straight outta Seattle. Not too expensive either.

Reliability: 8
Sound: 8
Bang for the Buck: 7
Overall Rating: 8

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