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Posted by crash on 2001-10-18
man this is the best guitar that any amateur player needs. i just got it over the summer from a little music store in canada an hell does it work good. its got a kick ass humbucker an two single coils. two knobs five way switch. man i have an old beat strat but this just kicks its ass. the price was hardly expensive. 280$ which was quite good cause it was a new model with a few minor dings. for all you out there who think yamaha is only a drum/car/motorbike company think again. all my frendz got strats but the just dont compare.

Reliability: 10
Sound: 8
Bang for the Buck: 9
Overall Rating: 9

Posted by Jesse on 2000-10-06
Despite opinions of ignorant morons that think that somehow a company who makes motorbikes, can't make good guitars. Well their wrong. Before I support the facts though, I would also like to say that yamaha makes reliable computer parts, drum sets, drum machines, bass guitars cars, motorbikes, and probably way more. They like to keep a standard. Okay, well now about the guitar. The list price of this guitar is $359, but recently it has gone on sale at guitar center for $200. I bargained and bought it for $180, and let me tell you , for that price it was a steal. One fat humbucker, two single coil pickups, a standard fixed bridge, but get this! It stays in tune very very well! Good wood, pretty light, but not cheap, three knobs. The tuners on it are slow, ( in case you don't know, that is very good.) I couldn't believe how much sustain this guitar supplied when I plugged it into the amp. The feel of it is probably the best part. Fast, and smooth. I definantly wouldn't get rid of this guitar. Especially considering the price, it is a buyer. Way better than a cheap fender or bc rich by far, or at least in the $180-200 range. But don't think that there are no problems. With any guitar under $500 you can expect minor things. Unfortunantly, it tends to have way to much treble in the last two strings, causing a recoil that is the best of sounds. But keeping in mind that it is only $200 on sale at guitar center, and I have never seen it for more than $230, and the fact that all the other guitars in that range can't seem to stay in tune and use incredibly cheap wood, this is definanly a buyer.

Reliability: 10
Sound: 7
Bang for the Buck: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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