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Posted by GENE CLELAND on 2000-12-01
This bass opens a whole new door to bass tone. The construction is first rate with exemplary wood work,fret work and finish. mine is an American Walnut body capped front and back with incredably deep figure quilted Maple, oil and wax finish which feels very silky , the neck is super straight multi laminate rock maple with carbon fiber reinforcement,and a fairly flat profile. the neck supports the "Novax Fanned Fret system" and the bridge has Kaler individual bridges for each string. The theory is that, like a Grand Piano the lower the string the longer it needs to be to get the optimim ring and vibration for the best sound. Sheldon Dingwall has done this...The B on this bass rings clear and long and is balanced to the tension of the rest of the strings. You can pluck it as hard as the rest and it sounds great. the Novax system gives each string its own scale legnth, the B being 37" and the G is like 34". this calls for some adjustment in playing, but not much I found right off that playing without looking at the neck I was hitting the notes well, needing only minor fingering adjustment to get the exact center between frets.It also calls for special "Dingwall" strings, which are shipped on order basis. The electronics are top of the line Bartolini custom with Volume, blend, stack bass treble, and a three position mid switch with a +/- 15 db boost cut knob. I find there is a very wide range of soundsI can get from this bass from vintage to modern glassy highs, and the B is a spirital experience in a band setting, no doubt the best Sound I have ever experienced...I bought it. Around $3000.00

Reliability: 8
Sound: 10
Bang for the Buck: 8
Overall Rating: 9

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