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Posted by Todd S. on 2001-01-11
Exellent guitar overall , i love it its one of the best deals on a seven string out there ive tried many but this is the only one that even comes close to sounding good and actually stays in tune. i mean you can crank on the thing and do dive and tremelo effects all day and it wont go out. the most shocking thing is i got it through the mail and it camein perfect condition without a scratch and was in near perfect tuning and get this i even liked the way the factory strings sounded on it! the only reason i personaly gave the sound quality an 8 was because the picups were not of sufficiant power for the extreme soumd i was going for so i changed them but dont get me wrong they did have quite the range. bottom line the guitar kicks serious ass and i would recomend it to anyone any musical preference!

Reliability: 10
Sound: 8
Bang for the Buck: 10
Overall Rating: 9

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