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Asked by Gareth Carter on 1999-11-10
Hi Great lessons, All I really want to know is what chord shapes will naturally flow into each other. Um, for instance I know the Beatles employed a succesful IV IVm VI for many of their bridges, as do Oasis. What I was wondering is if you could tell me of other combinations that go together? I am a student of Music in New Mexico, and I really want to put together a decent composition for once. Thanking you in anticipation of a reply Gareth Carter
Answer posted by Tony on 2000-01-02
Sorry, GARETH, you will never get an answer so don't anticipate one!

Answer posted by jesse on 2000-02-08
Hey Gareth, you don't listen to Tony! he's a jerk! It's not that there is'nt a formula to what chords go with eachother, it's just that there are so many chords (1,800 of them) that i doubt that anyone will post them. Just use your ear, and if it sounds good, use it.

Answer posted by Daz'kha / Sam Knights on 2000-10-29
Make some riffs up yaself, I mean, come on, I've done four compositions of my own and i'm 11, man. I started off simple... Dm, A7, C, F#m. Then... D, F, F, D, F, D, D, F, D, D, F, F, F, D, D, D, C, D. Easy. Start simple, work up. Age does not count.

Answer posted by davo on 2000-11-09
Hey, what Tony says is right, although a an easier explanation for triads/chords for all scales is that 1-3-5 notes in the chord are made from the scale... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 C D E F G A B C Like so, if you playing a 7th note, you know in the scale of C you would hit a B on the chord- simple really. This applies to all scales for example G scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 G A B C D E F# G so to make a triad or chord, you take 1-2-3 which is G B D - to play G7 you add the 7th note of the scale in this case F# Tony keep up the work mate, these are truly the best lessons ive seen. for those needing scales here are the first few for ya starting with C C D E F G A B C G A B C D E F# G D E F# G A B C# D A B C# D E F# G# A E F# G# A B C# D# E And if you wanna play riffs, just play the notes in the scale until you get a riff - you cant go wrong. If you are on a F# in the scale of A, then start from the A and finish on the A and thats you mode (5th = Mixolidian) Minor scales, just flatten the 5th note! and you is laughing! laters!

Answer posted by US on 2002-04-02
Yeah alot of pentecostal church music use the 1 the 4 and the 5 chords. Pretty simple but thats one different structure for ya

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