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Asked by |ife`qWest on 2000-05-13
My guitar is actually my dad's guitar bought years ago and is supposed to be a steel string guitar. When I wanted started to take guitar lessons around 9 mths ago, my dad had to change the steel strings, 'cos 1 of them had snapped and the rest were all wearing off. He changed the steel strings to nylon strings. My question is that is there a difference in putting nylon strings on an actual steel string guitar?
Answer posted by gabriela on 2000-05-31
Yes, the difference is that nylon strings have a softer & quieter sound to them, they sound really nice though when you pick them. the steel strings project more sound and are not as soft, but are a bit brighter in sound. I have heard both good and bad things about learning on steel strings, i am learning on them. the bad is that it is a little rough on your fingers at first, but you do build callouses (in about 1 week, if you practice every day) and then it becomes more comfortable to play, and good in that if you learn on steel string, its easier to switch to nylon strings, also it's easier to play electric guitar. I would reccommend to start with the lightest gauge of steel strings (elixer light).

Answer posted by Toby Williams on 2000-12-23
nylon strings are fine. Dont spend the money on expensive strings while your are learning. You will break quite a few. The toughest and less expensive strings are "Eddie Ball", I use the "super slinky" type on my electric Im still learning I guess one never quits. These strings are also used by pros. They are thicker.(tougher on fingers) but you will build callouses and they last for a good while. email me and let me know what you think.

Answer posted by Mey on 2001-08-05
You can not use nylon strings for a guitar which was made for string steels.

Answer posted by Will on 2003-08-03
I would recomend learning on an acoustic steel string guitar, although it might be a bit rough on the fingers and a little frustrating, it will definitley make your electric guitar playing alot easier and alot crisper. I learned on an electric then bought my acoustic, but i wish i would have done oppisite. Good luck

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