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Asked by David on 2002-08-27
how do you memorize all the notes on the guitar...what is a good method? ALSO: if you know a scale in the key of "C" does that mean you can easily switch from one key to another...HOW WOULD YOU DO THIS???
Answer posted by ryankelly on 2003-09-29
as for swithing keys. when you memorize a scale, there is what is called a "root note", which, in the key of "C" would be "C". to transpose to the key of "E", you would find the E note on the same string as the "C" note was in your original scale, and that would take the place of the "C" in your scale, and you would fill in all the notes around it relative to the root note. hope this helps. -rk

Answer posted by King kong on 2003-10-15
umm youkind of just remember them. like any normal human being will do. yeah thats about it

Answer posted by Easy guitar on 2006-09-16
David it is pretty much easy to learn everything you need to know about the guitar and also other things you may be interested in. But in order for this methode to work as intended there is some preperation work you should do so that you will be on the correct wavelength in order to absorb the key points. The first thing that you do is get a mirror and a 2 pound hammer, preferably a ball peen but a regular one will work. Sit at a table with the mirror proped up so that you can see yourself clearly, make special note of the distance between your eyes in relation to your pupils. Now comes the fun part.... take the hammer, use the round side if using a ball peen and crack yourself good and proper with it right between the running lights. Now look at yourself again in the mirror, you want to see double, in other words you want the distance between your pupils in your eyes to get closer together, the closer the better. Continue to whack your self in the forehead with the hammer until you have minimum distance between eyeballs. Usually this will take between 25 and 30 whacks, but remember that you can not hold back, you must really wind up and give the old noggin a sound whack each time. Please respond on how this methode worded for you. Good luck.

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