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Asked by mike on 2002-12-02
how does a guitar make noise?
Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-01-28
when you pluck the strings, its the strings that make the noise...see how that works now?

Answer posted by LCPL Smith USMC on 2003-01-28
When you pluck the string, the string vibrates...and the frequency of the vibration determines the pitch...A low frequency (slow vibration) makes a low tone...a high frequency (fast vibration) equals high pitch...And when you press your finger down on a fret of a string (fretting a note), what you are doing is shortening the length of the string, thereby increasing the frequency of the vibration, hence the higher pitch when you pluck that string... now...how do electric guitars work? the pickups act as magnets, it picks up( "pick up" duh) the vibration of the string, and converts it into a wave of energy, and that energy travles through the circuitry, through the chord of the guitar, to the amp, where the speaker does the exapt opposite that the pick up does...It takes the wave of energy that the pick up made, and it turns it BACK into sound, therby amplifying your guitar! BADABING! and that, as they say, is that

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