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Asked by Nicholas on 2000-05-27
I am battleing to find a diagram of the fretboard with all the notes. I have tried '"scales" but I can't seem to find what I am looking for. Please tell me where i can find such a diagram.
Answer posted by Anthony (BaDKaT) on 2000-06-17
Yo, I have a small chord dictionary called "Guitar Chord Dictionary" by Morton Manus. On the back it has the Fingerboard chart on it, as well as a list of key signatures and the chords that corrispond inside. I found it at my local guitar shop, and it was only about five bucks. Alfred is the publishing comp. I'm sure you could buy it through the internet too!

Answer posted by TARiUS on 2000-06-21
you can get a good one in www.riffermadness.com , the whole sites purpose is to teach you the fretboard. just explore the links. its there.

Answer posted by Breeze on 2000-07-06
You can find a fretboard diagram at http://www.texasbluesmusic.com and go to basic blues guitar lessons

Answer posted by James t on 2000-09-04
what if you got an acustic?

Answer posted by Howie on 2000-09-18
email i will send u one i got a good one it helped me

Answer posted by John D. Rockefeller on 2002-02-04
That is a GREAT question. It is very easy to answer. All you have to do is take guitar lessons. they are just GREAT :> Good luck

Answer posted by dorkus on 2002-09-04
there is a good and complete one at: http://www.guitaralliance.com/guitar_lessons/getting_started/fretboard_diagram.htm

Answer posted by Savage on 2003-03-18
Make your own. Go through the fret board and make a chart of every note on the fret board. This will also help you learn every note as well.

Answer posted by screech on 2004-03-05
GO to guitar about .com you will find just about everything there that you will need,great for beginners and even the more advanced student. good luck

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