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Asked by konstantin on 1999-11-11
I asked you how to make electric guitar from acoustic?
Answer posted by Wes Imel on 1999-11-17
Well... Theres 2 ways... Have a microphone near your guitar when playing OR you can get a a special pickup (theyre not to expensive) and install it. You can get them at http://www.musiciansfriend.com

Answer posted by Red Dog on 2000-07-14
duh if you dont know where to get them you shouldnt even have a guitar!!!!!!

Answer posted by mike on 2001-07-07
the dude above me gots balls!

Answer posted by DICK on 2001-07-16
Hes got balls alright Mike and I bet you would like to play with them.

Answer posted by tom on 2001-09-09
geeze do u got pms?

Answer posted by Whacker on 2001-09-20
It must be that time of the month eh christine ?

Answer posted by Jackass on 2001-09-28
Hey christine your muff itching or something

Answer posted by Betty on 2001-10-10
Chrissy you must need some crotch repair

Answer posted by Christine the bitch on 2001-10-31
I could use a good strappin on.

Answer posted by Big dick boy on 2001-11-21
Ill give it 2 u

Answer posted by like,totallyrad-awesomegirl on 2001-12-22
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! This is toooo funny!

Answer posted by clinton on 2002-04-10
Yeah, um. yeah

Answer posted by Spencer on 2002-04-11
the acostic has a hole in the middle

Answer posted by kweenie on 2002-06-06
All of you go screw a goat!!!!!!! metallica rules!! p.s. Spencer here is a real smart kid, he knows that an acoustic guitar has a hole in the middle! should we call the papers?

Answer posted by Kelli on 2003-02-10
You all are stupid.

Answer posted by Bill Clinton on 2003-11-13
All you need to do is to bend over backwards until your head is between your legs and lick the sweat off of the back side of your balls. That should get you to where ever it is you are heading.

Answer posted by benson on 2003-11-20
MIHIIHIIAAA IAAHAHAHAHAHa!..Ha HAHAHAHOHO... Anyway - the way to turn an acoustic guitar into an electric guitar is to buy a new one you f*ckin cheapskate!

Answer posted by Mac on 2004-01-19
What a bunch of pricks.

Answer posted by Fuzzy on 2004-12-26

Answer posted by fuzzy wazzy was a bear til he became a slutty hore on 2005-03-10
lol you guyz are tight

Answer posted by wheezer on 2006-01-12
I just slammed my tool in the car door...ouch !

Answer posted by Rebel on 2006-06-06
Seems like the same person is posting under various usernames. LOSER!

Answer posted by Pisspipe on 2006-07-30
Looks like Rebel is the culprit...sad

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