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Asked by MadRiff on 2000-05-30
In a Chord like "Csus2" I know that sus means suspended, but what does suspended mean?
Answer posted by dangermoose on 2000-12-16
i think that it means to hold the note...ya know..let it paly otu till it runs outta vibrations instead of cutting it short.... but who knows im an idiot

Answer posted by GuitarGuru on 2001-04-02
this means that there is a slight variation in the major chord. usually just one of the fingerings is different and is places on a higher numbered fret

Answer posted by Gooseshit on 2001-10-23
It means to take that vibrator of yours turn it on high and ram it in like you always do

Answer posted by none on 2001-12-07
I am a piano chord player and if you know anything about the piano, you would play C,D,F,G......the suspention means that you kinda make it feel like it goes to another chord and makes you feel like when is it going to revolve back to regular "C" or "C2" I hope that this answered you question...this email address is invalid so dont try sending anything to it

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