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Asked by gabriela on 2000-05-31
In holding the guitar, the thumb of the left hand that rests behind the neck usually ends up sideways resting parallel to the neck, it feels comfortable enough, but I have read in Mel Bay's chord book, that this is wrong yet he does not explain why. Will holding the guitar this way make more advanced playing difficult.(i'm still learning)
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-08-27
consider another instrument like a banjo with less cadence .

Answer posted by mike on 2000-09-12
when i started playing guitar 5 years ago i held it the same way and yes it makes it a lot more difficult, once you get to power chords. so try holding it propperly

Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
It depends on the size of your hands. My thumbs are long and I often end up putting it on top of the fret board right over the low E string. It's "NOT" a good thing to do but the "proper" position bends my fingers in a distorted way. Try the proper way but if you can't, you can't. Everyone's hands are different. However, if you have a hard time playing a certain part, try the proper position. It helps me sometimes, especialy for complicated solos.

Answer posted by Chris Wallace on 2001-10-10
well, using your thumb to put pressure on the back of the neck will give your other 4 fingers more room and leverage to make "Power Chords" Bar Chords, Modern Rhythm Chords or whatever else you want to call it :) try it and see!! but on the other hand, I sometimes bring my thumb over the "top" of the neck to press the low E string... most people say this is wrong, but Jimi Hendrix used to do it all the time, and thats good enuf 4 me!

Answer posted by Pro on 2002-01-25
Chris.. yes, that was good enough for Jimi, but... you are not Jimi.

Answer posted by none of ur buissness on 2002-01-30
evry 1 is diffrent so just wat ever is more comfortable for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-21
u must follow the instruction that come with the guitar?

Answer posted by kaye on 2003-01-25
Hold your guitar any way you want to any place, any time, any where, just beware wrong holding of the thumb on the neck will result in a irreversible callus unless you lay down the thing and chew itoff once about every three months or so.

Answer posted by Derek on 2005-03-17
your hand position is more important when it comes to soloing. if u have large hands with slender fingers (im lucky enough to have this) you can get away with more error in your hand position. forcing your wrist too far down can cause discomfort and fatigue, which no one wants. just do what is comfortable for you, and work with it. look at it this way, some of the guitar greats use the thumb reach method on the E-string, (clapton, jimmy page, stevie ray), just use whats comfortable for you.

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