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Asked by Joe on 2000-06-01
hi, I have 1 question. Whenever I read some tabs for songs, there will be numbers that indicate the fret of the string which I have to press down, but what if it's a 0 instead of a number like 1,2,3? i understand that 2 means the second fret,3 the 3rd & so on but what does 0 means? Any help to clear my doubt will be greatly appreciated.
Answer posted by Jack on 2000-06-07
The "0th" Fret is really no fret, it means don't put any finger on that string. For example, if you put your left hand in your pocket, and just use your right hand to strum your 1st String, the E String, you are actually playing the "0th" Fret. Make Sense?

Answer posted by Spike on 2000-12-13
Joe- i dont know much, but i know that zero on a tab is really just an Open String. open string means that there are no fingers on it Thatz all i know -Spike

Answer posted by Justin on 2001-03-06
It means you don;t play that fret. 0=none.

Answer posted by the wise1 on 2003-06-14
What ever happen to a thing called common sense?????????/

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