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Asked by Elisa C. Lamothe on 2000-06-04
Hello, I'm a little gal with very, but very little hands, and I'd like to know if a slide could help me to play those tabs that need 5 fingers, like the Bb tab.....it's very difficul to play using Bb or Gm, because of my hands' size.....could the slide help me??? thanks!! E.C.L.
Answer posted by TARiUS on 2000-06-21
I don't think the slide can help you with that. I guess you're also a newbie to guitar from your question so the only thing i can tell you is that its difficult to everyone at first, and when your little hands would get more flexable you'll find it easier. another tip is that you can try and put your fingers differently, like if you hold a Bb chord use your pinky to do the barree. it might be hard at first to let it play 3 notes but it would be easier when you get better in it. also, there are smaller guitars :) they're funny but preety kool. try and get one of thoes, it would fit better.. Laterz girl.

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