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Asked by Me on 2000-06-05
So how do I learn the fretboard??? You mention fun ways, and hard ways and all but where are these "ways"
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
you see the writer of this fret board thing is a 1/2 wit

Answer posted by phoenix_illusion/fihcan on 2000-09-10
The fret board is easy if you have a good memory. You see the fret board goes up in things called steps and half steps (which you would learn in music theory a good site to learn music theory is http://www.dreamscape.com/esmith/dansm/chords/chords.htm, thats the chord page and unfortunately the only address I have). Anyway go to that site and you can read through the music theory which should help you a lot because it helped me, once you understand the theory involving the fretboard which is basically easy, you should be able to learn the fretboard. I hope this helps and if it doesnt please dont call me a halfwit and remember it takes a lot of time and patience!

Answer posted by Justin Dion on 2001-01-04
hey man, heres how i am learning the fretboard: play all of the major scales, while playing them, say, as well as sing(TRUST ME, you look like a dork, but it helps you develop your ear ALOT). if you do this once every night, within a month you should notice very pleasing results -later

Answer posted by Veronica on 2001-11-24
I want to learn the whole fretboard, not just the first five frets. Any suggestions ?

Answer posted by steve on 2004-03-24
Get familiar with the 5 pentatonic positions ahd the 7 related modes, then take the key of c and start on the pent. positions and memorize all the notes up and down, that should get you to learn them so that you could jump tp any key/position at anytime.

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