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Asked by Carlos on 1999-11-14
I, could you tem me what kind of scales slash plays.
Answer posted by scott on 1999-12-08
slash tends to play in a blues pentatonic scale, with a lot of string skipping, example sweet child o' mine is based losely on a d pentatonic. hope this info helped, good luck

Answer posted by Alex on 1999-12-20
He likes to use the harmonic minor as well. Also, one of the keys to getting his sound is vibrato. He uses this all time and it sounds great. If you want to sound like slash use: 1.blues pentatonic 2.harmonic minor 3.lots of vibrato 4.LOTS of bends

Answer posted by The Answer Man on 2000-12-08

Answer posted by aaron on 2001-07-22
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Answer posted by chris on 2002-01-07
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Answer posted by Me on 2002-01-13
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Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-05-01
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Answer posted by aaron on 2002-08-22
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Answer posted by OAG Huat on 2004-03-24
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Answer posted by futuremaan on 2005-11-26
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