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Asked by bora on 2000-06-08
how can kirk hammet play 12h15h19 wihtout holding his point finger from 12th fret in ONE's solo
Answer posted by pinch on 2000-06-30
how the legend Kirk does this is he uses his RIGHT finger to tap the ninteenth fret. It's really cool. Just practice it a bit. To see this, just watch a Metallica concert, for example Cunning Stunts.

Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-24
If i'm not mistaken, he taps the 19th fret using his pick, not his finger. It's a hell of a lot easier to play tapings at the speed he does in that solo.

Answer posted by Sam Knights on 2000-10-29
he has long fingers

Answer posted by jamesbond on 2001-01-23
telekinesis dude telekinesis

Answer posted by randy gray on 2001-02-15
He use his nail on his midlle finger. I read it guitar world.

Answer posted by yo daddy on 2001-07-07
he dosent, its a fignuten of your imagination

Answer posted by yo mama on 2001-08-30
Kirk likes it in the back door.

Answer posted by tryin!! on 2001-09-13
i think he uses his pick, when i do that it the19th is sounded stronger. and it is pretty easey after i while

Answer posted by Spiro on 2001-09-24
he uses that little prick of his to tap to the Mull of Kyntyre

Answer posted by weboss on 2002-02-27
he uses his zik!!!!

Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-11-07

Answer posted by nanomet on 2004-02-16
he uses his middle finger take a look to cunning,or woodstook 99

Answer posted by kirkisgay on 2004-05-25
Kirk is the worst guitarist ever. If you practice doing his solo over and over it will just make you worse. Play some other stuff, like Satriani and Malmsteen!

Answer posted by Quetzalcoatl on 2005-04-01
what exactly weboss says... :)

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