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Asked by niki on 2000-06-13
when i play a chord i get a buzzing noise. what is it from and how do i fix it.
Answer posted by Jarryd on 2000-07-01
This is probaly from you not pressing down hard enough on the strings. All you need to do to stop this from happening is to press harder on the string and you shouldnt hear the noise

Answer posted by Colin Ashford on 2000-07-06
Apart from not pressing down hard enough on the strings, it could be because of your nails being too long or the nut is too low hence the strings are closer to the frets and create a buzzing sound

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
or maybe you should quit and learn to play the tom tom

Answer posted by Blake on 2000-10-12
Aside from pressing harder, make sure your fingers are as close to the fret as possible (but not touching the fret). This will give you a better sound and cut out the fret-buzz.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-14
The buzzing sound is more than likely a hive of bees nesting on your noggin.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-01-09
is it an electric guitar? check your amp if it is.

Answer posted by unknown on 2001-11-04
feels good seems to know alot about vibrators maybe they use them alot

Answer posted by ripper2 on 2001-12-30
not alot of people know this but , whenever you form a chord or a note, form them closest to the right side (of the fret)

Answer posted by duncan on 2004-07-29
i have to admit that i firmly agree with feels good

Answer posted by mike&mary on 2005-02-11
why are there always a**holes? like they said try putting more pressure on the strings...if it is a older guitar maybe the frets might need to be filed.. good luck!

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