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Asked by Unknown on 1999-11-14
what are the names of the strings on the guitar
Answer posted by Wes Imel on 1999-11-17
The guitar strings are named E A D G B E (A really good way to remember this is Elmer At Dynomite Good Bye Elmer

Answer posted by Unknown on 1999-11-17
depends on the tunning!

Answer posted by nonfractal on 2000-11-24
The strings are referred to as 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 (counting from the thin string to the thick string, bottom to top). When you see chord references that say \"chord of A, (root on the 6th)\" , that means that the \"A\" note itself is on the 6th string as you form the chord and the other strings provide the other notes to make up the complete chord... When differrent tunings are used, for example, on slide guitar, the tuning references will always say \"tune string 6 to..., tune string 5 to ... etc\" geddit?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-04-11
the strings names are Jim, Bob, Harry, Pete, Dick, and Charlie

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-05-18
In the american way they´re called E B G D A E, in the european way they´re called Mi Si Sol Re La Mi. But it all comes the the same thing E=Mi=1, B=Si=2, G=Sol=3, D=Re=4, A=La=5 and E=Mi=6. How´s that?

Answer posted by unknown on 2001-06-20
the string names are abcdeg

Answer posted by potatoe dick on 2001-09-20
The strings names are larry moe and curly joe

Answer posted by potatoe mick on 2001-11-07
The srings are not important

Answer posted by phildo on 2001-11-10
i once met a midget named tony and he touched my no no spot

Answer posted by phildo 69 on 2001-11-21

Answer posted by the pig on 2001-12-22
E-aster B-unny G-ets D-runk A-fter E-aster. is a good way to remember them. by the way im the midget tony that touched phildos no no spot (wisper)it was very small!:)

Answer posted by screech1 on 2003-11-01
I remember the name of my guitar stringslike this Every Adult Dog Growls Bites Eats. I hope this helps you unknown I also like the way pig does it

Answer posted by stax on 2004-05-14
EveryBody Gets Drunk At Elections

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