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Asked by buzzer on 2000-06-13
when im going from cord to cord there is a noise how do i fix it
Answer posted by clint on 2000-09-17
when changing chords sometimes you'll get that scratching or high pitch sliding effect,especially if you are a beginner, or haven't been playing very long, this happens more often on acoustic guitars. you can buy a product called finger ease to spray on the strings of the guitar this will minmize this noise , if this is what you are hearing. you might ease up on the pressure you're submitting to the strings when you switch chords. this will eventually go away with more experience, as you get smoother at changing chords.

Answer posted by aaron on 2000-12-02
when you move from string to string: especially from the top to the bottom when you change strings you have to lift up your hand and then hit the next string.(try not to drag you hand on the string when you move it)

Answer posted by Jack MeHoff on 2000-12-09
The noise you are hearing Buzzer is created in that great big void located between your ears. It is acting as an echo chamber because there is no matter in there to absorb the sound try stuffing cotton balls in your ears or wearing ear plugs when you play, you will probably sound better.

Answer posted by Snot on 2000-12-14
Hey buzzer have you ever pissed up a rope ?

Answer posted by chacha on 2001-01-13
i have. also i have da same prob.

Answer posted by Chachas Mama on 2001-05-24
Chacha is gay

Answer posted by ur a fuker on 2002-07-09
ur a fukin idiot just never even try to play the guitar agian or ill hunt u down and rip ur head off

Answer posted by froresmoke on 2003-06-23
turn off your guitar or cut all ally smash your strings and specially smash itto your head

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