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Asked by Jimmy Dean on 2000-06-23
I have trouble squeezing all my fingers into the second fret for A major. Suggestions?
Answer posted by Jonah on 2000-07-17
you can do two things. one, use your pinky ring and middle fingers instead of the recommended way. if that doesnt work try using on of your fingers to hold 2 or 3 of the strings

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-21
buy a bigger guitar

Answer posted by Rick on 2000-09-02
There is one way that is much easier but you lose the ring of the first string. just simlply use your index finger to puch down on 3 of the 4 strings muting the first string.

Answer posted by Cannonball Jamaal on 2000-09-15
Here's a suggestion that may be awkward, but if you switch your middle and index fingers (ring on second, index on third, middle on fourth), it will give you more space on the fretboard and still allow you to sound the first string. I personally can't get used to this, but I've seen people who are proficient at it.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-29
just use one damn finger and bar those three strings

Answer posted by WAD for YOU on 2001-06-21
Hey man great idea for you, give up trying to squeeze your fingers onto the fretboard and start SQUEEZING SAUSAGE LINKS ! You know you could make a million selling Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Links....what ya think ?

Answer posted by Justin Price on 2001-11-10
try pitching your hand up so your fingers twist. it will give you a cleaner sound and more room.

Answer posted by perry on 2001-12-30
ring on second,index on third and middle on four works for me.

Answer posted by haha on 2002-02-18
lol a major

Answer posted by al on 2002-11-25
there are 2 comman ways-use 3 fingers, 1 on each srting--or use 1 finger 4 all 3 strings

Answer posted by jim on 2003-07-29
see a plastic surgeon

Answer posted by Po on 2005-11-15
hey im new to this site and i like it but alot of u are jus twats and bellends like 'WAD for YOU'

Answer posted by killa on 2006-07-17
kill yourself

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