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Asked by Harlee on 2000-07-12
I am just picking up the guitar and need to buy a new one. What Qualities should I look for? I was thinking Acoustic. What do you think?
Answer posted by Jeff on 2000-08-20
Whether you buy an acoustic or an electric should depend on what type of music you play the most. Since you are just a beginner you might want to just buy a cheap one for now. Then, when you know what you want in a guitar you can get what you want. I can't tell you which one to buy because everyone has a different idea on what the perfect guitar is. I can tell you that i think that the best electrics are Gibson's if you have the money.

Answer posted by Chris on 2000-10-15
Probably the best thing to do is to buy a cheap guitar. If you end up liking it, then you'll probably want to invest in a better guitar. If you end up not liking it, then you haven't lost much.

Answer posted by edward on 2000-10-29
dude acoustic 1/2 to ME my opinion is get the Yamaha's and if you like the sound of a acoustic, buy the acoustic simulator from BOSS

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