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Asked by annette on 2000-07-17
I am left handed, and in this leason you say if you are right handed you put the guitar on your right leg, etc. do you just reverse everything for a leftie, or will that cause problems and I should try to learn right handed?
Answer posted by Mike Turner on 2000-07-20
I am a dedicated leftie and had the same problem when i first started i recomend trying to learn to play right handed! if you switch which leg you rest the guitar on then you have to put the thick string on the top so you would have to reaverse them all!

Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
Left handed guitars DO exist, but you usualy have to order them in a music store or have them custom made ($$$). I hate discrimination, but it's a right handed world.

Answer posted by Alan on 2000-10-08
I'm a learning leftie as well, but i do play right handed naturally. It may be easier to switch to rightie playing while you're still in the early learning stages .. so it becomes 'natural' as you progress. Janick Gers, the guitar genius, is also left handed .. but plays rightie .. like Tommy says it's arighties world .. but we're unique!! :)

Answer posted by Joni on 2000-11-28
I'm about to buy a guitar, and like you don't know whether to play right or left handed. You can often buy a right handed guitar and get these conversion kits which turn the strings around, so you don't have to pay a fortune for a left-handed guitar.

Answer posted by Trigger on 2000-12-28
I start learnig guitar about a year ago and play a right handed guitar upside down but i never restrung it..so now i play chords and all upside down also..

Answer posted by oscar on 2005-11-16
hi my name is oscar and i want to play guiter but i cannot can u help me ?

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