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Asked by Sean Humphreys on 2000-07-20
i can palm mute siting down but not standing up can you decribe how do do it standing up
Answer posted by Duncan on 2000-08-15
EH? Are you actually serious?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-10-06
I dont know what is wrong with you, I think your just crap. and hay u might be wearing the strap wrong this happend to my friend and it was very funny it's supost to go over your sholder not round your neck. Or u might be trying to hard and haveing the Guitar to low. Or maybe YOUR JUST CRAP>>!!!!!!!!!!

Answer posted by Jason on 2000-12-03
Just find a position with the guitar that's comfortable, use it, practice, play well.

Answer posted by satan on 2001-06-17
Dont play guitar anymore you probably suck!

Answer posted by palm man on 2001-07-07
you suck

Answer posted by brendan gibson on 2001-07-08
youll get it soon enough all u need to do is practice w/the guitar in different positions dont listen to the others its like there a JIMI HENDRIX or close to a hammet

Answer posted by tryin!! on 2001-09-13
dončt listed to those guys. but stop playing around your nees thats probably why you can bend you hand around try playing with the strings right infront of your belt

Answer posted by Squeeze Box on 2001-10-09
Stop playing with yourself and maybe you will be able to get more accomplished.

Answer posted by James on 2002-01-11
Most guitarists find it easier playing stannding up, but all u need to do is get the guitar resting on your body so you have a solid base to play off. IN other words maybe lean back as you play. then gently place you hand on the bridge and to cover all strings i play with the pick between my thumb and index finger only allowing the base of my hand to mute the strings slightly and my pinky to steady the hand on the scratch plate. hope that helps.

Answer posted by anon. on 2003-08-25
Try playing with your strap tighter. When you sit down, the body of the guitar is up against your stomach so make sure its like that when you stand up.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2004-06-18
adjust the strap so when your standing up its like sitting down

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