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Asked by Helen on 1999-11-01
i'm not sure i understand the x's and o's! why aren't they placed on the fretboard as a chord if some are to be played and some aren't?
Answer posted by Allen Van WERT on 1999-11-02
Well its because the x and o refer to what strings your pick should hit,activate,pluck..you get the point...There you have it..

Answer posted by David Greive: hafe-wit or no-wit you decide on 2000-07-26
david grieve is a big boy now that he can spell big swear words on his mommies computer. I heard him play the guitar once on the street corner, but I had no pennies to throw at him...

Answer posted by nancy on 2000-08-20
the x's and o's are there to show u which strings to strum. x = don't strum and o = strum. its that easy.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2003-01-28
its simple actually...here you go x=mute those notes, dont play those o=play that string in its open position. hit the string but dont fret it. get it now???

Answer posted by Josiane on 2003-06-06
Being a beginer myself, I came here to find some answers, and what did I find....some little punks who probably play pretty bad themselves and have absolutely no education Way to go guys

Answer posted by hahah on 2003-09-20
hahahahah .... i love this site

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