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Asked by Indrawan on 1999-11-27
I agree. Technical ability is nonetheless as important as every other aspects of playing a musical instrument. I've got questions. I think my hands is able to play fast, but my mind can't. When i play fast, i don't know what notes i play, for example a repeated run of a scale starting from different notes up and down. I really wish to correct this problem. And about legato runs. Joe Satriani did this technique greatly, and i wish to imitate it. I can go ascending scales quite easily, however when it comes to descending or mixed runs, it got complicated and i had to slow down. also descending notes doesnt sound as full and as even as ascending ones. Do you have any suggestions or advices?
Answer posted by rob on 2001-07-21
you can practice away all you falws.if you practice youre falws

Answer posted by hector on 2002-09-10
if you want to play diferent things you need to practice them for example if you want to play an arpeggio with some wild run, you have to practice that and then transpose it over the fretboard, this is what i do and beleive me it sounds great.

Answer posted by Sr Hrafnss on 2003-01-27
Well my answer would be to practise practise practise. I have fast hands (not as fast I would like) but it is just a question of practise, knowing your scale, up and just quite as much downwards. My suggestion would also be to practise the basic Cromatic scale, up the neck... Slow at first, to get the right pull-offs and hammer-ons movement to your fingers. Then advance into lets say fingering like "1st st. 3rd fr. 5th fr. 7th. ; 2nd st. 3rd, 5th and 7th" and keep that same pattern through all the strings. Up and down the neck of course. Then change the pattern into lets say 3 5 & 6; 3 4 & 6, 3 4 and so on... Like my problem was in the downruns, my fingers wouldnt pull-off quite correctly, so I just slowed it down to a comfortable speed and than when I got that right, things started going somewhere and I played fast in the end. Basic, slow at first, with a Metronome (to get even movement) and speed it up.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2004-02-06
practice till your fingers bleed!!!!!!

Answer posted by jeff on 2005-07-28
After reading some of the answers you got I must agree with most of what was advised. I would like to point out also, that going slow is the best way to go fast (at least to do it well), oh yeah,and use a metronome. Good luck!

Answer posted by +FRANKIE EASTSIDE+ on 2006-10-12
Indrawan, your problem is that you need note information. Every scale comes from the chromatic scale. If you look at every scale (other than the chromatic) it is the chromatic scale missing notes. Of coarse there are a lot more factors that make one a good or great lead guitarist. Also remember that it is good to play slow and through time build up to fast. A lot of metal guitarist think cause they are wicked fast that that means something. Alot if guitarists play a lot of fast crap. Dig in do the work, get the riff down and quicken it up and after some time even your mistakes will sound good. lso remember that a killer solo is a lot of small parts put together into one piece. Practice 3, 4, 5 note riffs till you want to throw up and then put them together and make them longer riffs. Check out horn players like trumpet players and you will get a good feel for phrasing. They can only play lead and they have to stop at points to breath. Scales are cool but if all you play are the scales, WELL you could get a computer to do that. Scales are just tools. Solos are words and feelings communicated through notes. The fact that they fit in side a scale or two has no more revilance than the weather out side as you play them. Again there is so much to learn to master lead guitar and I hope I helped you out. P.S. next time its 20 bucks. Just kidding. +FrAnkiE EAstsiDE+

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