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Asked by fgh on 2000-07-21
I tune my guitar like this: turn the knob while stumming string...keep going till the streing breaks...now the string is in tune
Answer posted by Thomas on 2001-04-13
try tuning it a litle, then wait a few minutes for the string to relax a little, then tune it some more. Its either that or buy heavier strings. also, use your fingers to pluck the strings. Your fingers are easier on them than a pick. Hope that helps

Answer posted by anurag on 2001-06-29
nice way u thought up

Answer posted by Tommy on 2001-11-20
Unknown nos wat hes talkin bout, but im sure u hav already tried that 2 huh?

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-22
why bother when u just going to break then nothing sound better than a broken tuned string:

Answer posted by benson on 2003-11-20
Yes, confucuius say: guitar string is like balloon - one plick - all gone

Answer posted by dobbo the nobbo on 2006-08-31
HAAHAHA i laughed ma adss off these comments doods keep em comin .. heh heh

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