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Asked by Unknown on 2000-07-21
blah blah blah
Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-27
yeaa if u dont want to know n e thing .....go away to ur hole in the ground

Answer posted by Trevor Bond on 2000-11-01
i totally agree with you! if you dont want to know anything get off this web site

Answer posted by butt head on 2000-11-26
Dude, You are just sad and pissed that you cant play like the rest of our viewers on this website! if you want a site that really touches home for you, go to WWW.ISUCK.COM!!!

Answer posted by ipissyouoff on 2000-12-14
yadda yadda yadda

Answer posted by Yackity Shmackity on 2000-12-26
I must say I enjoy the simplistic humor

Answer posted by whadafuk on 2001-02-16
Huh ?

Answer posted by Munky on 2001-02-23
You guys all suck and will never be able to play like me

Answer posted by odium08 on 2001-03-01

Answer posted by smurfs are evil on 2001-03-09
no doubt youve been in the bathroom spraying your belly with sticky white love piss

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-03-23
Yeah u guys are right, i cant play and i am gay

Answer posted by *Blackstar* on 2001-04-22
I like cheese

Answer posted by Coby Dick on 2001-05-10
mmmm good cheese good taste

Answer posted by Dick Head on 2001-05-12
Want some head cheese ?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-12-25
durrrrrrrrrrrrr ur a dick

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