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Asked by Unknown on 2000-07-21
everytime I play guitar standing up I get an erection...rubbing the backside of guitar on my you know what...It does help my singing but really makes it hard to play barr chords...there must be help for me
Answer posted by guitar on 2000-10-17

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-04-12
When ever it happens think of your mom lying buck naked on your bed waiting for you.

Answer posted by jay on 2001-08-26
try tuggin it first?...

Answer posted by Sambo Blacky on 2001-11-06
Slam the ol meat to Charvettes mama first. Holes so big its like porking a cow.

Answer posted by mada faka on 2001-11-14
how bout getting rid of your "you know what". cut it off!!!

Answer posted by Queen lateefa on 2001-11-28
Sure there is help for you, Charvette will blow ya

Answer posted by the wise 1 on 2002-10-21
try playing the guitar behind your back should help

Answer posted by saddam on 2002-12-12
try stroking one off before you play

Answer posted by Chaz on 2003-09-28
I think your best solution would be to quit playing the guitar, for our sake and yours.

Answer posted by STR8-9 on 2004-06-20
just cut a hole in your guitar

Answer posted by thawacko on 2005-08-16
make a shockthingy on the back of ur guitar, everytime this thingy feels ur getting a big one , it shocks u so bad that u can say THUNDERSTRUCKED!

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