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Asked by Unknown on 2000-07-21
why does it hurt to stick my tongue in a plug outlet???
Answer posted by That guy on 2000-07-25
'cause... Just does.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-07-26
because your a retard, probably

Answer posted by Clint on 2000-09-17
probably because you're not grounded, you idiot. stupid question, stupid answer, get real dude.

Answer posted by Tommy on 2000-09-22
Leave it there long enough and it will stop hurting after a while.

Answer posted by scorp on 2000-10-28
Hmmmmmm really??? Not me...I kinda think it feels nice....ZZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPPPPP!!! AHHHHHH nice.....

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-12-04
temper what would god say

Answer posted by Wizard on 2000-12-09
It hurts because you have a ground loop. You need to stick something else into another electrical outlet at the same time, such as your dick.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2001-01-07
my tongue doesnt fit in my outlets. but my friend managed it and he says that a gas tap is much better for kicks.

Answer posted by DAM-I-AN on 2001-03-15
You have been sniffing glue my friend, tsk tsk tsk!

Answer posted by the-dark-lord on 2001-05-07
just because people want to explore this great planet and all the wonderful sensations of the human body doesnt mean that they are a redneck. just special wwsd

Answer posted by chacha on 2001-05-24
i got my dick plugged in right this moment...

Answer posted by Funky on 2002-08-22
Does it at least make a cool sound?

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-11-02
coz u r a wanker & a pooff

Answer posted by Ant on 2002-11-05

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