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Asked by Jane Smith on 1999-11-29
I know some guitarists strum with their fingers. Can you show some techniques for that?
Answer posted by Dark_Angel5 on 2000-08-04
Here's an interesting one. I don't think you can play it with a pick, though, you can always try :) First fingerpick the 5th string, then fingerpick the 1,2,3 AT ONCE with your fore, middle and ring fingers. Then fingerpick the 4th string and then fingerpick the 1,2,3 AT ONCE with your fore, middle and ring fingers. Loop. This is a pretty nice sound. Here are some chords to go with it: Am, Dm, E, Am, C, E, Am.... You get the idea of how it's supposed to sound.

Answer posted by Kartik on 2000-09-18
You can use your little finger for steadying/supporting your hand, by placing it firmly on the guitar, just beside the strings. It should not interfere when you are plucking the strings. Use the thumb for strings 4, 5 and 6 and the other fingers for 1 to 4. This may be tough in the beginning, but the speed you can get is amazing. This is a key to fast playing of leads. Have a good time...

Answer posted by Confused on 2001-09-20
Oh no Jane, dont strum with your fingers, use your toes it is much easier.

Answer posted by benson on 2003-11-20
I agree with above-mentioned point. Also, do try and play without wearing any clothes it gives me sense of enormous well-being - I can be very nice, I am fun-loving.

Answer posted by gabe on 2004-01-13
well, im also a begginer but i play with strumming with my fingers and its ok, the only thing is upstrokes are harder. yeah.

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