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Asked by chris on 2000-07-30
I was wondering if someone could tell me what trill is and how does it work or how can it be achieved.
Answer posted by Jeff on 2000-08-20
I guess a trill can be described as rapidly changing between two notes. On guitar you can do a trill by picking a note. Let's just say a C ( 2nd string 1st fret). Now you have to do what is called a "hammer-on" on let's say a D ( 2nd string 3rd fret). This is done by jamming your finger tip into the string and pushing it onto the fret so that it will produce a sound. Now to change quickly back to a C you can do what you might consider the opposite of a hammer-on. This is called a pull-off. Like it sounds, you pull your finger off of the 3rd fret while you already have another finger on the first fret when you played the C. When you pull off it should make a sound. In this case a C since that's where your finger is in place. Now, repeat doing hammer-ons and pull offs between the two notes and you are doing a trill! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty easy. Practice, practice and then practice some more. Hope that I explained it well enough.

Answer posted by b.b. on 2001-05-23
It is something exciting such as - the trill is gone

Answer posted by Unknown on 2002-01-06
if youre a girl you can reach a thrill by stimulating your clitoris

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