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Asked by Phil Huckeby on 2000-08-09
Ok, after going over this whole thing in my mind for a while I have come to a conclusion. This is going to take a while to sink in because your're going to think about this with a mind of stone. You have to step back and losen up your mind a little. First off you won't always the same outcome with every note. For Example in "A" the Major Third and the Diminished Fourth are shared, A to C# and A to Db. C# and Db are the same note. Ok, but if you do this exersise in "C" a couple different notes are shared, the Augmented Fourth and Diminished Fifth are shared, C to F# and C to Gb. Also the Augmented Fifth and Minor Sixth are shared, C to G# and C to Ab. Again these are the same notes. And what esle is weird is that in "C" you have to go up to C# in order to make the Diminished Fourth. And in "A" you have to go up to A# to E for the Diminished Fifth and Down to Ab to E in order to make the Augmented Fifth. So what I'm trying to say is that this is more fluid than you think so don't get all twisted up in your mind like I did.
Answer posted by Steve on 2001-09-07
Discoveries like that are what make playing so much fun. It also tends to boggle the mind a little, because the possibilites are pretty extraordinary. It unlocks doors to other areas aside from the one discovered. Great post, Phil.

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