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Asked by William James on 2000-08-10
I can play Chords and read notes but I don't know how to start to play by ear. CAn you give me some ideas? thank you.
Answer posted by olivia on 2000-08-15
This is the way I leaned - it may or may not work for you. Listen to the song, and sing along, even if it's just humming. Then, go to the piano and, keeping the notes in your head, figure out what their names are. From this you can be sure that the note you're singing will be somewhere in the chord you want to play. Chances are, if you're singing an A, the chord will also be an A chord. This is a pretty simple, and not always accurate, way to do things, but it is a start, and it's good practice. Eventually you'll be able to recognize the notes and chords on your own. Good luck!

Answer posted by Hans Brackx on 2000-08-20
If you want to learn to play by ear, forget about the notation, at least for a while. If you,re gonna listen to a song, be sure your instrument is well tuned, figure out the chord with which the song begins and then, try playing it in your mind. Start improvising too, it,ll make you a more natural player. The only thing you,ll need is a bit of talent and good ears hansbrackx@cs.com

Answer posted by leader of "all steel strings" on 2002-08-19
when ur listening to the song turn on your tuner to auto and it will show the cords

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