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Asked by Unknown on 2000-08-13
Ive been playing for about 3 years now.Ive learned the major and minor scales and like to improvise.I dont believe in doing covers and dont really persue them. I want to ask that is it really important to know the covers really well?
Answer posted by Hans Brackx on 2000-08-20
There must be some covers you like to play. And although it can be boring to practice existing songs over and over again, it will certainly help you for the years to come. I,ve been playing for 25 years now, so believe me, I know what I,m talking about. The great advantage of playing covers is that you, very naturally, find out how a song is constructed and, later on, harmonized. It has been a great help for me in my own songwriting, because after some time you know (or hear in your mind) exactly what you can play, and more important, what you cannot play in a composition. You said you like to improvise, and that,s a good thing. It will make you a more natural player. However, when you come to the stage of composing, constructing, harmonizing and arranging your own songs, you,d better have some musical baggage you can really on. Playing, and above all listening to covers, might be a great help, you,ll find out, believe me. hansbrackx@cs.com

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