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Asked by Tyler on 2000-08-15
I have been playing guitar for 3/4 years now and I pretty much rip when it comes to playing Nirvana/Blink-182/Red Hot Chili Peppers/and a ton of songs I have made, and I am in a band currently. I have never learned the chords yet, I just keep useing power chords and reading tabs. I think I have finally hit my "artistic block" of useing powerchords. (I am a master of them) but I want to get into more technical playing with chords and such (Like Dave Mathews style or whatnot) how should I go about learning the chords? Just sit down and memorize them?
Answer posted by nanc on 2000-08-20
thats the only way. and don't rush it, cuz i have tried. lol. u just get them all mixed up. so your gonna just hafta memorize.

Answer posted by Zipper on 2001-05-05
No way Nanc. There are lots of ways. Dont listen to her bull story Tyler. Heres how I do it and it works swell. I record all of the chords on tape. I then make a list of where they are located on the tape. Then when I need a chord all I have to do is look at my list, fast forward or rewind the tape to that location it is stored and press play. Works every time. It is a bit slow at first but I now dont know a damn chord but can play any song ever written. If it is to slow for you, speed the damn tape up. Hows that for ingenuity ? See you in rock star heaver toodooloo

Answer posted by dude on 2002-06-27
lern it by buying a book and memorizing them like everyone else you little bitch

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