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Asked by steve on 2000-08-17
Being I'm Disabled I want to play guitar but have trouble with B7 as I have no little finger on my left hand is there a chord which is = B7 that I can play with only 3 fingers and not 4
Answer posted by Franck on 2000-08-20
Hi, in fact if you consider the lesson about chords, B7 is usually a triad chord ( = a chord made of three notes : the root, the third, the fifth) on which you add another note called the seventh. You can imagine a chord made of two notes (the root and the third, or the root and the fifth) and add the seventh. You'll then just have to find the one that sounds better.

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-10-21
xx4446 446464

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-10-21
Sorry, that first one should have been xx4445 both bar chords

Answer posted by Unknown on 2000-10-25
sorry, I got the second one wrong too! xx4445 or 224242 I think the 2nd one sounds better, but the first is probably easier.

Answer posted by Twomey on 2000-11-20
Steve, here is an easy way of playing B7 that works, and no need for Barres or pinkies ! X2120X

Answer posted by Rob B on 2005-03-17
As a matter a fact my digitally challenged friend there is! TRy this 022200. That is B7. I got that from the Ultimate chord handbook! It works well with these e7: 020200 and A7 002030. That a blues tonality progression that I made up. All of these chords you can play with three fingers only!

Answer posted by Rob B on 2005-03-17
No, you can not play the guitar with out any fingers. Unless you learned how to play with your feet.

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